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Engaging Online Learning for Preschoolers

Playgroup to Senior KG

Learn with 100’s of age appropriate videos and worksheets

Introducing Printables

Fun way to learn. Sample our printable worksheets for free and take time out from the screen.

Structured Curriculum Based

Learning is mapped to students age appropriate preschool curriculum following a structured learning process. Each week comprises of small concepts that are brought together to achieve overall learning objectives reinforced with engaging videos and worksheets

Engaging Video Lessons

Videos that help you visualise each concept making it easier to understand. Videos cover all aspects of preschool curriculum in a structured and enjoyable manner to promote better learning

Live Online Classroom

New World New Realities

Come rain or sunshine, it should not interfere with the learning needs for your young one. 90% of the brain development for the child happens in first five years. As parents and educators, we should use this time well. Live classes from Little Brooks are a perfect way to continue learning for your child.

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Age Appropriate

It is imperative for parents and educators to expose the children to the content relevant to the age of children to promote healthy learning habits. Our content is curated to specific age group of children to ensure that your child is exposed to the age appropriate learning concepts at the right pace.

Enriching Interactive worksheets

Learning content is followed by activity worksheets for children to practice the concepts with the help os parents and family. This only help the child imbibe the concepts clearly, working together also helps build a strong bond with child’s developmental and learning process


Created by the Early Childhood practitioners

Content is created specifically for preschoolers by our trained and certified Early Childhood practitioners. Each of our practitioners have an extensive experience of working with preschool children and understand the child behaviour and learning needs well. 

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