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90% development of a child's brain happens by the age of 5 years

The time is important. Make the most for your child's learning needs with Little Brooks Live Classes

Daily Online Live Classes

Daily Online Live Classroom for academic year

Daily Online live classroom program, delivered over Zoom in the comfort and safety of your home. Program continues for entire academic year.

Low Student to Teacher Ratio

Low ratio of teachers to students in every live class, ensuring adequate attention to children and right learning

Complimentary Access to Little Brooks Online

Complimentary access to Little Brooks Online. An exclusive learning channel for Preschoolers with year long learning content.

Following Structured Preschool Curriculum

Program follows structured preschool curriculum with 56 thematic units covering all areas of preschool learning

Monthly Progress Report

Monthly progress report shared with parents on topics covered

Graduation Certificate

Program completion certificate upon the successful completion of academic year

Flexible Monthly Fee Structure

Flexible monthly fee payment. Child can enroll only for specific period

No Mandate to Join Preschool

Not mandatory to join preschool after the session starts. In case the parents choose to join any of the Little Brooks preschools, pro rata fee structure to apply

Interested in enrolling for Little Brooks Live
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