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The Value of Preschool Education

The merits of enrolling children in preschool has been debated throughout the country, but research has stressed the cognitive, social, and emotional value that preschool has for young children.

Studies have shown that early education goes a long way to preparing children for kindergarten and primary schooling. Children who attend high-quality preschool enter kindergarten with better pre-reading skills, richer vocabularies and stronger basic math skills than those who do not. A well-balanced preschool program will help increase your child’s competency in all the major subject areas. Besides these obvious cognitive benefits, the early childhood professionals at Little Brooks, Early Learning Center share a list of benefits that stem from choosing to enrol your child in a preschool or early education program

Independence and Self-reliance

As children leave the stages of infancy, their self-reliance should begin to increase. It is important for children to learn how to function separate from their parents, and preschool is one of their first opportunities to do so for short periods of time.

Preschool helps to prepare children for longer periods of separation in kindergarten. These programs also help children learn to trust adults outside of their parental unit, and create an attachment to places and people outside the family home. Children in preschool and prekindergarten programs also learn to follow directions–like washing hands and putting away toys and belongings–on their own, improving their sense of self-reliance and independence.

Social Skills

Attending preschool helps children learn “group manners,” and other acceptable behaviours such as raising hands, waiting in line, being kind to others and working cooperatively with peers. Children begin to learn how to interact with peers and other adults, and can do so in a safe environment, giving them the chance to celebrate their successes and learn from their mistakes.

Creativity and Curiosity

A preschool teacher’s job is to encourage children to think and ask questions about their environment. Most children have already begun doing this upon entering preschool, but a preschool environment is organised in such a way that even seemingly inconsequential moments can be turned into learning experiences.

As it has been well-established that young children learn best through play, as opposed to structured lessons, a strong preschool program will provide children with plenty of chances to do so. Children will get the chance to play dress up, take on new roles, work in teams, and explore their world in a safe, fun and meaningful way.

Motor Skills

At this age, your child’s motor skills are beginning to improve. Preschool provides opportunities to sharpen these skills even more. Children in preschool programs learn to handle pencils and scissors, and hone fine motor skills through activities like lacing and pincer grip experiences. Activities are often structured so that children are active through most of the day, further enhancing their gross motor skills.

At Little Brooks, we balance work and play within your child’s preschool experience, helping to foster both social and cognitive skills throughout the process.

Help create a strong foundation for your child’s learning journey by enrolling them in one of early learning centres.

Preschool Colouring Activity

Grab your colored pencils. You are going to love colouring your child's preschool with him in the activity sheet attached below. Download print and start having fun with you child.

I can’t even think about my child's preschool without reminiscing about all the fun and infectious energy that came with it. Singing, dancing, drama and all while learning. It brings a smile to my face every time. Join in with the kids to color our preschool page.

They’ll have lots of fun and you can color right along with them, enjoying the de-stressing activity of coloring. This coloring page can be printed on a 8 ½ x 11 inch standard piece of paper from your home printer.


  • Colored pencils

  • Fine markers

  • Gel pens

  • For black/white, a simple pencil can work great

Hundred of such planned age appropriate activity worksheets can be accessed as per daily learning plans on


Commitment to Continuity of Learning

Despite increasingly difficult situation, Little Brooks is committed to ensuring the continuation of learning for our children. While we need to maintain social distancing and follow local guidelines to ensure the health and safety of the children and staff, with the support of our parents and teachers, we have found constructive ways to continue the learning for children in a safe and healthy manner.

Little Brooks has implemented various online learning solutions for our parents like Little Brooks Online and Little Brooks Live online classes. Little Brooks Online offers self paced learning programs to our parents in the form of engaging video lessons and interactive worksheets available on a member only secure platform. Each parent is given a unique member ID to access the learning content. Parents can pace the learning for child as per their schedules. The learning content is prepared by our experienced Early Childhood practitioners. It is age appropriate and driven by learning plans. Content can be trusted for being child friendly with no unwanted prompts and pop ups. Just safe and fun learning.

To experience engaging and safe learning for preschoolers subscribe now at

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